Water Purification Systems in Orem, Utah

At Total Water LLC we offer the best water softeners and filtration units along with water purification system available anywhere, for homes, businesses and commercial application.

For water softeners/conditioners and purifiers trust Total Water LLC to handle your water needs. We have 30 years personal experience and are true water professionals. We know water. We also value honesty, quality, and customer service. You can depend on us.
Child drinking water outdoors — Water Filtration in Orem, UT
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Quality Water Treatment for Your Home

Our water softeners are high efficiency systems which will save you water and salt. These water softeners have been engineered to give you years of trouble free service and are backed by a warranty from a local manufacturer and administered locally by Total Water LLC. Our whole house water filtration systems will clean your water and remove chlorine and other harsh chemicals. We also sell replacement filters for your reverse osmosis system, and other filters that are easy to install and can help reduce sediment, sand and rust at the main water supply. All our water treatment systems are designed so there's less build up inside your water heater, pipes, dishwasher, washing machine and other appliances and fixtures. they will keep your clothes cleaner and your skin healthier.

Keep Your Water in Top Condition

Our under the sink water filters resides hidden underneath your sink and they work to reduce foul impurities such as chlorine taste and odor, lead, cysts and other chemicals. Use of a water purifier or water conditioner will also help to prevent a build-up of minerals and keep your water fresh.

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